What is Reiki?


Reiki is a spiritual practice. The term Reiki comes from Japan, where Rei translates as “Universal” or “Spiritual” and Ki means “Energy” or “Life Force”.


As living beings, we all radiate warmth and energy. This energy is the essential life force within us as well as all around us. Reiki practitioners have their body’s energy channels opened and cleared of obstructions through Reiki attunements. Reiki practitioners do not have special skills or gifts. Reiki practitioners are more open and aligned to the energy that is already part of their being, the same energy that is part of every living being. This attunement allows the practitioner to become a conduit to this Universal (or Life Force) Energy and focus the energy to individuals willing to receive it.


The object of Reiki is to increase the amount of Universal Energy that is flowing through the body and help balance the energy system of the person receiving the energy though the Reiki practice. Most Reiki practitioners work by balancing energy of the Chakras. With specific hand positions over the receiver’s body, the Reiki practitioner can determine which of the Chakras needs most balancing, either by unblocking the Chakra’s energy or working with an over-active Chakra.


In this part of the website, my goal is to help you visualize what is already part of your existence--the Universal Energy--by helping you strengthen and draw on its power.


Reiki Principles to live by!