Why Balance Chakra Energy?


The key to a fulfilled life is a balanced flow of energy in your body. There are seven major energy centers, which are known as the seven major Chakras. The Chakras interact with the physical body through two major systems: the endocrine system and the nervous system.


All seven Chakras are important, all are interconnected with each other. While balancing one Chakra will create changes in other Chakras, it is important to balance the root Chakra first. A balanced root Chakra provides the stability, security, and rootedness necessary for true transformation and personal growth. You cannot grow and change unless you feel safe and secure.


Before you can balance your Chakras, you need to assess the state of energy of each of your Chakras. Depending on their states, different fundamental activities can be employed to get each Chakra’s energy flowing freely. It is most important to take practical steps to establish strong fundamentals; the more you work on the foundation of a Chakra the more energy will flow through it--the more balanced it will be. Once energy is flowing freely through all your Chakras, once your Chakras are balanced, you can then maintain that balance with fine-tuning activities.


In this part of the website, my goal is to help you assess the state of energy in each of your Chakras and give you practical steps to reach optimal energy flow and balance.

Overview of What are Chakras?

Chakra Affirmations.